Monday, August 24, 2009

Truth and Salvage Co.

If I had to pick the one band in the land whose music brings the biggest smile to my face, I would, without hesitation, pick Scrappy Hamilton. They were introduced to me about 7 years ago, shortly after moving to Asheville. There was always something magical in the music. Scott Kinnebrew's masterful song-writing abilities interwoven with Walker Young's ever-charming and beautifully composed melodies helped to create one of Asheville's most beloved bands. A Scrappy Hamilton show was guaranteed to draw an eclectic show-of hands (and feet) to the dance floor, and they were one of the few bands that my would-be husband would actually (and with enthusiasm) spin me around to (which is why we were thrilled when they agreed to play at our wedding!)

Fans were oh-so-sad when the boys staggered across the country, 1000's of miles from asheville, to plant new roots in the bustling city of Los Angeles. It took no time at all for Asheville's sweethearts to befriend an entirely new circuit of equally talented musicians as they quickly began to sell out rooms filled with supportive ears.

Based on the songs recorded to their new 4 song ep, and saturday's show at the Grey Eagle, it seems safe to say that their upcoming CD, produced by the legendary Chris Robinson, will simultaneously satisfy the cravings of old fans, while rapidly win over the loyalty of fans-to-be.

Gone is the dancy, eclectic, swingy circus that Asheville remembers. In comes a new and admirable slew of carefully crafted songs---songs that boast maturity, growth, and heart---songs that are kissed with tinges of honest Americana and supported with authentically raw rock-and-roll---songs that, simply put, will be hard, once heard, to stop singing.

Truth and Salvage Co's recent, and eagerly anticipated appearance at the Grey Eagle (which kicked off a long deserved string of dates opening for the upcoming Black Crowes tour) exhibited undeniable chemistry. On stage, confidence shined as the faces of Tim Jones, Walker Young,
Scott Kinnebrew, Bill "smitty" Smith, Adam Grace, and Joe Edel gleamed with pride, graciousness, and enthusiasm.

The end product is a slow cooked stew of musical stylings. Carefully crafted songs strike chord after chord. Seamlessly flowing harmonies, ever-catchy lyrics, gritty musicianship....everything seems meant to be...

This new-found success is lyrically depicted in their song "Hail, Hail" (you can listen to the song at

"sixteen years of living the dream...see what it means to be the rulers of our destiny"

CONGRATULATIONS to TRUTH AND SALVAGE CO. Thank you for so many years of wonderful music!!!!! and for Saturday's inclusion of "Alligator Crawl!" Fun times!

More photos from Saturdays show can be viewed here...