Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ashevilles Favorite Band: Acoustic Syndicate!

Asheville Rocks on 3/7/09 at the Orange Peel
Acoustic Syndicate. How do I even begin? These boys, wow! I have seen them evolve from a brilliant acoustic 5 piece band whose instrumental line-up included flute, percussion, bass, geetar, and banjo into a stunning, musically explosive, newgrassy sort of rock band, and boy do they ever!

This group of musicians, whose tight sound reigns with fluidity and purity, continuous to impress and attract audiences throughout the region. Acoustic Syndicate has been playing together for nearly 2 decades, and is, for the most part a family band, comprised of brothers, cousins, and close friends. They are a band whose line-up has remained relatively consistent, and they are a band whose harmonious vocals, impressive musical stylings, captivating stage presence, and telling lyrics demand attention.

After a hiatus from touring the country, Asheville was ecstatic, as the numerous sold out shows proved, when Acoustic Syndicate began to play locally again. While their tour schedule is not nearly as demanding as it once was, their feel good tunes continue to shine as bright, if not brighter than they ever have.

My husbands band used to play with these guys years ago and we have lots of friends in similar circles, but last nights show at the Orange Peel, was my first show with an official photo pass, (thanks brad) and watching that show so up close and personal, through the lens of my fun new camera, sure was exciting. It is different attending a show as a listener/dancer vs. attending as a photographer (though there were times I just had to put the camera down and just boogie). Constantly clicking, constantly anticipating THE moment. But it turns out, there were SO MANY moments (I left the show having taken over 700 pictures! I don't even know how thats possible at a 3 hour show).

It was somewhat of a blur, and as I try to recall the highlights, North Country Girl and No Woman, No Cry stick out, but in reality, the entire evening was a highlight! I had a soul-nourishing great time, and was reminded, once again, why Asheville loves them some Syndicate!

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