Sunday, March 8, 2009

Michael Franti- For Kids of All Ages!

Asheville rocks on 2/26/2009 at The Orange Peel!

I'm finally beginning to learn that if a show I
really want to see is coming to the Orange Peel, I must get tickets early, for there is a strong chance the show will sell out. I was sad, sad, sad when I procrastinated too long to get tix to the Franti Show in February- I love him, & as desperation and violence plagues our world, there are two front men that really make me feel happy in these trying and uncertain times: Barack Obama and Michael Franti!

So, needless to say, how excited
was I when just two days before the sold out show, the orange peel announced that Michael Franti would be performing a 75 minute early all-ages show (which also ended up seeling out, but not before I was able to leave work early and snag myself a ticket).

And all-ages it was. When Michael asked for a show of hands to try and figure out the oldest and youngest au dience members in the venue, I believe the ages ranged from 2 months old to 70 years old! Way to represent Asheville!

This, people, was a fun show! From the cookie monster song to the irresistably cute two year old (i'm guessing on the age) guitarist rockin out on stage, this was definitly my first feel-good show of 2-double 0-9!

After the show endend, Mr. Franti generously invited those attendees who bought his childrens book, "What it Be" to meet him after the show to have it autographed. People left this show happy- plain and simple!

How very incredible it must be to be a kid in Asheville- In a town with such devotion to the preservation of the arts, there is always opportunity for the little ones to rock out, express themselves, and expand their wee little creative souls, and this event was just one fine example.


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